Chris Burke


Instagram @chris_burke_tattoos

Chris Burke opened Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor in 2017. He specializes in realism pieces but is accomplished in every style. Chris also attends many tattoo conventions in the United States and around the world.

Aaron Rodgers


Instagram @blvckaarontattoo

Aaron is a neotraditional tattoo artist who has been tattooing for 6 years in Milwaukee along with neotraditional tattoos, he enjoys black work and dot work.

Matt Stolzenburg, “Matty Darkside”


Instagram @mattydarkside

Matt Stolzenburg from Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been tattooing for over ten years. He likes to tattoo darker or stranger imagery in a life referenced neo-illustrative style.

Matt “Party” Collins


Instagram @partycollins

Matt Collins is an apprentice tattooer under Matty Darkside. He has just begun his tattoo journey and looking forward to learning.

Nick Cogs


Instagram @milwaukeenick

Milwaukee Nick specializes in tattooing bold NY style traditional tattoos as well as traditional Japanese imagery.  On the flip side of that coin, Nick really digs doing fine line black and grey work.  Roses and Pin-ups are his life.

Akira Amari


Instagram @akiraamari

Akira has been tattooing for several years, her colorful work consists of various characters from japanese animation to original concepts that fit her clients vision.

Kayla Brooks


Instagram @dollteeth_

Kayla Brooks style consists of a vintage aesthetic with romantic allure, featuring black and grey fine lines, from botanicals to creepy critters.

J Quirk


Instagram @j.quirk

Jenny’s work has roots in American traditional style but branches out to create bold dramatic tattoos. Doing both blackwork and color pieces their designs are both fun and dark simultaneously.